American Steel Buildings, LLC   1-800-511-3670      Copyright 2010 Home  I  About Us  I  Contact Us  I  Buying Process  I  F.A.Q. When designing our Buildings, American Steel has to take into consideration the Wind, Snow and Seismic Loads required for the City, State and County in which the building will be constructed In areas that recieve Heavy Snow, it is critical that we design the building to withstand the snow that your building will encounter. We can design the building to withstand snow loads from as little as 5 pounds per square foot all the way up to 200 p.s.f. (and more) Likewise, in areas that recieve Strong Wind Loads, it is also critical that we design the building to withstand the strong winds the building will encounter. We usually design our buildings to withstand a minimum of 90 miles per hour and go design your building up to 200 m.p.h. (and more) The Third area that we take into consideration is the Seismic Zone. We have many buildings from California to the Mississippi fault line that have been designed to meet the stringent earthquake seismic zones set forth by their county. We try our hardest to stay up to date with the current loads enforced by each state and county. When requesting a building quote, it is oftentimes helpful if the customer double-checks the Building Loads required by the County where they will be constructing their building. Please Contact Us Today if you have any other Questions or Click the link below to Request a Building Quote 1-800-511-3670 American Steel Buildings Building Loads - Agricultural - Aircraft Hangars - Automotive - Boat Storage - Church Buildings - Commercial/ Retail - Custom Design - Equestrian - Manufacturing - Mini-Storage - Office Buildings - Personal Garage - Pre-Engineered - Recreational - Warehouses Roof Panels PBR Double-Lok Retro-R Craftsman Lok-Seam Wall Panels PBR PBA PBU Insulated Panels Liner Panels Color Charts Ultra-Dek Batten-Lok Super-Lok Traditional Shadow-Rib Nu-Wall Primary - Gable Symmetrical - Gable Unsymmetrical - Single Slope - Lean-To Secondary - Purlins - Girts - Eave Struts - Base Condition - Building Design - Quote Request - Canopies - Eave Trim - Framed Openings - Insulation - Louver Vents - Mansards/ Facades - Overhead Doors - Parapet Walls - Partition Walls - Purlin Extensions - Roof Vents - Skylights/ Wall-Lights - Sliding Doors - Walk Doors - Windows Home > Building Design > Building Loads Steel  Buildings American