American Steel Buildings, LLC   1-800-511-3670     Copyright 2010 Home  I  About Us  I  Contact Us  I  Buying Process  I  F.A.Q. Description: The NuWall panel combines the ease of installation in both new or retrofit applications with a pleasing aesthetic appeal. The shadow lines created with the NuWall panel will enhance any structure's appearance. Installation of panels is performed outside with no disruption of the workplace on the inside. Dimensions: 12" wide 2 1/2 " high Gauge: 22, 24, & 26 (All gauges have a minimum quantity required) Length: Recommended 40' 0 " maximum. Fasteners: Concealed fastening system. The panel is attached to the structure with self-drilling fasteners on one side of the panel only. No clips are required. The adjoining panel simply snaps into the previous panel, concealing the fasteners from view. Finish: Galvalume Plus and Architectural Series Usage: NuWall is ideal for both new and retrofit applications. In retrofit applications, the NuWall panel can be installed over an existing "PBR" panel wall. This saves both labor and material. Other panel profiles and other forms of construction may require the use of sub-girts American Steel Buildings Nu-Wall Panel - Agricultural - Aircraft Hangars - Automotive - Boat Storage - Church Buildings - Commercial/ Retail - Custom Design - Equestrian - Manufacturing - Mini-Storage - Office Buildings - Personal Garage - Pre-Engineered - Recreational - Warehouses Roof Panels PBR Double-Lok Retro-R Craftsman Lok-Seam Wall Panels PBR PBA PBU Insulated Panels Liner Panels Color Charts Ultra-Dek Batten-Lok Super-Lok Traditional Shadow-Rib Nu-Wall Primary - Gable Symmetrical - Gable Unsymmetrical - Single Slope - Lean-To Secondary - Purlins - Girts - Eave Struts - Base Condition - Building Design - Quote Request - Canopies - Eave Trim - Framed Openings - Insulation - Louver Vents - Mansards/ Facades - Overhead Doors - Parapet Walls - Partition Walls - Purlin Extensions - Roof Vents - Skylights/ Wall-Lights - Sliding Doors - Walk Doors - Windows Home > Panels > Nu-Wall Panel Call Us Today for a Building Quote 1-800-511-3670 Steel  Buildings American