Agricultural - Farm Buildings

Aircraft Hangars

At American Steel Buildings, we specialize in Agricultural Buildings. ASB has the experience and knows how to meet your requirements on-time and within budget. Tractors, combines, and farm equipment; grain, hay, and corn; livestock and other valuable investments are safe with an ASB building. American Steel gives you that sense of security because our buildings are engineered to the highest MBMA standards of quality.

Our nationwide and worldwide list of General Contractors and Erectors are an invaluable resource that we make available to all of our customers. Technical assistance and customer service is always available to you, from order to delivery and throughout the entire construction process. Easier to erect and longer lasting than any pole barn or quonset building.

American Steel Buildings is the answer to your custom Hangar and Aviation Facility needs.
We can provide solutions for any design challenge and we feature the largest, flexible clear span construction capable of spanning hundreds of feet to house the largest aircraft in the world.
We can provide Jumbo Jet Hangars, Executive Box Hangars, Helicopter Storage Facilities, Aviation Structures and Sales-Service Office Complexes of all shapes and sizes….

Single Source Capability

Because we provide a single-source capability, you can expect: better results, precise planning, faster erection, and greater economy. We can assist in determining your hangar requirements and design the most functional layout for your aircraft and then recommend the best door system to fit your specific needs. We can also help you facilitate all aspects of construction, when needed.

Proven Engineering Designs

We have established a position of leadership in innovative hangar design and our engineering team is a big reason for our success… 75% of our hangar business is repeat or referral business. The days of steel hangars being un-inviting metal boxes are over. Our engineers can design our buildings for any number of economical state-of-the-art exterior finish options that include stone, glass or stucco facades, brick, or block and wood accents. All hangar facilities are designed to meet or exceed local or International building codes while still creatively meeting the aesthetic requirements of our customers.

Automotive Buildings

Boat/Marine Buildings

Are you looking to build an automotive garage? Maybe a Car Dealership or Storage Building? Whatever your need may be, American Steel Buildings has your answer.

We have designed many different types of automotive buildings and we have the experience and know how to meet your requirements on-time and within budget.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help meet your Automotive needs.

American Steel Buildings has designed many different types of Marine Buildings: from Boat Storage/Warehouses, Boat Dealerships, and Marinas.

We have the experience and know how to meet your requirements on-time and within budget. Whatever your need may be, contact us today for information on how to get started.

Church Buildings


American Steel Buildings is a faith-based steel building corporation. We are a worldwide leader in providing the highest quality steel buildings at the lowest price available.

The State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and professional engineering staff that we use have more than 50 years of metal building design experience… specializing in churches, gymnasiums and multi-purpose family activity centers.

We do not use “high pressure sales techniques” requiring that you make a decision today and we do not require large deposits to secure your once in a lifetime special sales price. We will patiently work with the Pastor and Building Committee and will honor our pricing until you are ready to proceed per your schedule and at your pace. (Satisfied Church references are available upon request)

We Specialize in…

  • Solutions for any Church design challenges
    flexible clear-span capabilities that can exceed 300 feet without the use of interior columns. Perfect for large sanctuaries and gymnasiums.
  • Design options for future expansions, multiple roof slopes, drive-thrus, canopies and mansards.
  • Second floor mezzanines for multiple levels of classrooms and offices.
  • Easily enhance our buildings with any number of creative economical exterior finishes that include stone, brick, split-faced block, glass and stucco/EIFS facades.
  • Recommended Contractors and Erector Network available for your convenience.

Commercial and retail facilities rely heavily on appearance of their buildings to project a favorable image to their customers.

American Steel Buildings pays strict attention to every detail, from roof slope to overhang design. We make sure that each project is as aesthetically appealing as it is functional….

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your Commercial/ Retail Center or fill out our quote request form

Custom Design Buildings

Equestrian Facilities

American Steel Buildings is the choice of General Contractors, Architects, Businesses and Individuals when requiring premium quality, customized solutions for new building construction: multi-faceted sports complexes, marinas and boat storage, aircraft hangars, manufacturing and industrial centers, church sanctuaries and family life centers, office complexes, auto repair shops and shopping centers… These are but a few of the custom building applications available.

In the 1940’s the metal building industry emerged providing factories, warehouses, distribution centers and similar facilities that required little or no aesthetically pleasing exterior finishes. Metal Building Systems soon became the preferred method of construction for “utility” type buildings where the main considerations were cost, speed of construction, and efficiency.

Although these three considerations are a mainstay of the goals at American Steel Buildings… technological advances in steel web designs, clear span capabilities, and the advent of modern engineering and design techniques have led to the development of structural systems that are compatible with more traditional construction materials such as masonry, stucco, glass, wood exterior facades, brick, and split face block finishes. These can be combined with metal building systems that are designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of our customers while preserving the inherent advantages of our pre-engineered metal building solutions.

American Steel Buildings debunks the idea that steel buildings are un-inviting metal boxes…those days are over!!! Visit our Photo Gallery and the other web page tabs to check out our creative designs and the endless customized applications.

American Steel custom designs all steel metal buildings for any application you can dream up! Share your dream with us today and we will help you make it a reality!

Whether you’re looking for a horse stable, arena, or whatever your need may be, American Steel Buildings has your answer.

We have designed many different types of Equestrian Facilities and we have the experience and know how to meet your requirements on-time and within budget.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help meet your Equestrian needs.

Manufacturing Facilities


American Steel Buildings has been a leader in providing manufacturing facilities around the world.

We can meet or exceed any width, length, or height requirement for your Manufacturing Facility needs. Contact Us Today and let us know how we can help you.

American Steel Buildings knows that self-storage buildings are one of the fastest growing segments of the pre-engineered metal building industry. Tremendous profit potential combined with ease of construction has made mini storages an attractive investment for individuals and corporations nationwide. Our team of dedicated professionals are trained to provide our customers with a wide range of creative solutions to your self-storage project requirements…

Whether it is the size or shape of the jobsite, single or multi-level buildings, climate control or difficult unit mixes; we will help you consider all of your options and then assist you in choosing the best and most economical solution for your project. American Steel’s tremendous buying power allows us to provide superior buildings and accessories at the most competitive prices.

Office Buildings

Personal Garage

American Steel Buildings can handle all of your office building needs.

With an increase in demand for office buildings, ASB has the experience and know how to meet your requirements on-time and within budget.

Please contact us today for your Office Building needs.

Are you looking for a little extra storage? Do you need a little more garage space?

If your answer is YES, then we have the Solution for you!

Our line of pre-engineered buildings are both cost-effective and time saving.

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Our pre-engineered value express steel buildings are the answer when pricing and drawing/delivery schedules are critical… best pricing in the industry… drawings in about 2 weeks and delivery approximately 6 weeks after drawings are approved.

Building Specifications:


Gabled Symmetrical Buildings:

Width: 30′ to 100′ in 1′ increments

Length: 30′ to 200′ in 4′, 5′, or 6′ increments.

Eave height: 10′ to 18′ (lowside)


Single Slope Buildings:

Width: 30′ to 60′ in 1′ increments

Length: 30′ to 200′ in 4′, 5′, or 6′ increments

Eave height: 10′ to 18′ (lowside)


Sidewall Bays: Equal bays required. But, there are several combinations available on longer buildings.

Endwall Bays: Adustable based on width.

Roof Slope: 1/2:12, 1:12, 3:12, 4:12


Frame Types:

Non-expandable bearing frame half- load

Non-expandable rigid frame full-load expandable frame


Shape: Tapered or Straight Column


Roof Panel: PBR- 26 gauge or 24 gauge

Wall Panel: PBR or AVP- 26 gauge or 24 gauge


Girt Condition: Bypass or Flush

Signature Color Options:

Hawaiian Blue, Saddle Tan, Crimson Red, Desert Sand, Fern Green, Polar White, Burnished Slate, Rustic Red, Koko Brown, Light Stone, Charcoal Gray, Cobalt Blue, Ash Gray, and Solar White


Signature 300 Color Options:

Medium Bronze, Snow White, Slate Gray, Almond, Classic Green, Brownstone, Bright Red, Harbor Blue, and Bone White.



Purlin and Canopy Roof Extensions, Windows, Gutters and Downspouts, Vents, Framed Opening Jamb Flashing, Light Transmitting Panel, Interior Wall Liner Panel, Roof  Jacks, Walkdoors, and Base Trim Options.


Value Express Metal Buildings can be used for all types of creative applications:

*Warehouses/Storage Facilities *Farm Buildings *Body Repair Shops *Boat Storage *Restaurants *Vehicle Dealerships *Family Life Centers *Dairies *Retail Outlets *Churches *Truck Storage/ Service Centers *Pole Barns *Gymnasiums *Horse Barns *Garages *Agricultural Buildings *Multi-purpose Buildings *Storage Sheds *Office Buildings *RV Storage *Fire/EMS Structures *International Building *Heavy Equipment Storage .


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American Steel Buildings can handle all of your recreational needs. With an increase in demand for indoor recreational facilities, ASB has the experience and know how to meet your requirements on time and within budget. 


From gymnasiums to ice arenas, bowling alleys, batting cages, training facilities, and more! Please contact us for your Recreational Building needs. 


Pre Engineered Steel Warehouse

American Steel Buildings can design almost any width, length, or height for your warehouse building needs. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.